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Students Meet Human Rights

To ensure the continuity of the Human Rights tradition, the Forum aims not only to enable the participationof current players, but also those of the future. Thus, students will work on a Human Rights theme in connection with the Forum. The culmination of this work will take place at the Forum itself, where the students will have the opportunity to participate and to meet and talk to Human Rights experts.

Students Meet Human Rights involves students from different schools in the discussions and events of the Forum with the intention of fostering an intensive learning process regarding Human Rights. New information and communication technologies will be used to enhance the learning experience as well as to allow young people to prepare for participation in the workshops and other events of the Forum.

Seven schools classes from Luzern, Wettingen, Wil and Engadin worked on issues concerning Human Rights and Environment prior to the Forum. The young were to meet national and international experts on humanrights and given the opportunity to discuss their own view with them. The scholars presented solutions to human rights matters from a different perspektive and adressed the need to considerate human rights issues.