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Are you interested in supporting the IHRF 2019

Would you like to support us with interesting content?

If you would like to support us with content, you are welcome to participate in our Call for Papers/Blog call for proposals. All information can be found here.

Would you like to support us financially?

The International Human Rights Forum Lucerne (IHRF) is primarily financed by neutral third-party funds that supplement a contribution by the PH Luzern. The PH Luzern's basic annual contribution amounts to approximately 1/4 of the required budget. Today we are facing a particularly great challenge in education due to the canton of Lucerne's massive cost-cutting measures. That is why we are dependent on the allocation of neutral third-party funds for the IHRF 2019 in particular.

In all its activities, the ZMRB ensures that the contributions from third-party funds do not create any influence or dependency that impairs the conceptual, content-related and operational independence of the ZMRB and the IHRF and their desired scientific objectivity.

The IHRF's ticket revenues are unable to cover the necessary funds (infrastructure, travel costs for speakers, etc.), which is why the IHRF relies on external support.

The IHRF is financed through the following sources of income: entrance fees, PH Luzern contribution, crowdfunding contribution and sponsoring contributions.

All sponsoring possibilities can be found in our sponsoring concept, which can be downloaded here (only available in German). 


The IHRF-Förderkreis is being re-established as an ideal network for exchanging experiences in the human rights discourse, for discussing financing and support of human rights projects and for maintaining personal relationships.

For 14 years, the IHRF has been a conference that, despite financial and socio-political events, has managed to establish itself inside and outside the PH Luzern and the Lucerne region. The IHRF has become an important highlight of the calendar year in order to exchange experiences in human rights work, to discuss technical issues and developments in human rights in the socio-political context and to strengthen personal relations.

Through the voluntary support group contribution, the support group members help to ensure that IHRF continues financially and for the future. The IHRF offers them an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the human rights discourse and to discuss their effects on society, education and the business world in exchange with experts.