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The International Human Rights Forum Lucerne (IHRF) seeks to support and advance discourse on Human Rights. It also wishes to promote human rights in the public arena by providing the different players with a forum, where they can meet and discuss current human rights issues together. Another clear goal of the Forum is to go beyond dialog and initiate and carry out concrete projects.

The IHRF-Award of the International Human Rights Forum Lucerne (IHRF) is given to innovative projects to promote new ideas that support human rights. Its aim is to help enable young and innovative projects to achieve their goals alongside more established human rights institutions. The IHRF-Award is open to everyone. The three best candidates will have the opportunity to present their projects (or project ideas) to a REAL Workshop at the International Human Rights Forum Lucerne (IHRF) and to benefit from the participants' expertise. At the forum, a panel will judge all three projects. The CHF 10'000 in prize money will be divided among these three projects. The IHRF-Award is funded by Betten Thaler, a company based in Lucerne.

The submitted projects will be judged in two rounds. The panel members will contact each other, assess the projects and then select the three projects/proposals they feel have the greatest potential.