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All about the IHRF

Human rights are a major theme globally as well as it is in Switzerland. The goal of the International Human Rights Forum Lucerne (IHRF) is to support, develop, and sustain the continuation of the debate on human rights.

The IHRF gives different players in the area of human rights (politics, science, the private sector, interest groups and the media) a neutral platform, in which they can work together on current human rights issues. For this purpose, various formats of discourse and dialog will enable contact and fruitful exchange between the groups. A clear goal for the Forum is to ensure that not only dialog will be established but also that concrete projects will be initiated and carried through.

The IHRF is organised by the Center of Human Rights Education (ZMRB) of the University of Teacher Education Lucerne (PH Luzern). The ZMRB ensures scientific and political independence of the forum.